Calypso Network Association

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Calypso is the only solution without any proprietary scheme in a complete multi sourcing environment.
Through CNA, the users of Calypso, operators and authorities, are the ones who decide on its evolutions.
The best evidence of Calypso’s openness is that even its competitors are allowed to access its patents and are today Calypso licensees.
Calypso is the fifteen years proven highest secure solution for contactless transactions.
The technical principles of Calypso are so efficient that even the other technologies implement the Calypso patents.
Calypso has been largely and successfully deployed in many cities and countries all around the world for more than fifteen years.
Calypso strictly respects all existing standards to ensure a real interoperability operational on-the-field.
Calypso offers a concrete, simple to implement and operational solution for international interoperability with Hoplink.
Through CNA, Calypso offers to its users, a large panel of services and assistance in order to facilitate the implementation of a Calypso ticketing system.
Calypso is always a leader for adaptability in new technical issues (mobile phones, distant reloading, etc.) and keeps a step ahead of the others in these matters.

Rue Royale 76, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 515 3155